About Our Lighting

About Lighting from Dana Creath

Learn More About How We Create the Finest Fixtures Available

Dana Creath produces some of the finest hand-forged light fixtures available anywhere because of our steadfast commitment to quality in every aspect of our operations. Starting with our designs, we take inspiration from timeless antique light fixtures, carefully studying these pieces to understand their construction. We design all of our fixtures for quality from the very beginning, and we build them using only the most effective techniques, developed through our extensive research and decades of experience. Another hallmark of our products is our ability to install internal wiring properly in every piece, regardless of size, type, or design, setting our light fixtures apart from many others on the market. All of our lighting products are constructed of only the finest materials available by our highly-skilled team of craftsmen, and our attention to detail and dedication to quality is clearly evident in every single piece we produce.