Share Your Lighting Pictures With Us: It’s a Win-Win-Win

Posted on: March 15, 2016

At Dana Creath Designs, we truly care about each unique piece we produce, so we want to see the finished product! We ask all of our customers to send us pictures of their new lighting products after installation so we can see the results. But sending us pictures of your installed Dana Creath Designs lighting fixtures doesn’t just benefit us: we make it a win-win-win.

When you send us photos of your newly-installed light fixtures via Facebook, you get free credit and exposure for your interior or exterior design project. That’s a win for you. We also make sure to credit the photographer who took the pictures you submit. That’s a win for them. Finally, we get to see our products in their natural environment, which is a win for us. How often do you get to be part of a win-win-win situation?

We hope you will take a minute to share your lighting pictures with us on Facebook. You can also email them directly to us with your name, the photographer’s name, and details about the project, and we will share the image and information on Facebook ourselves.